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How does Athletica calibrate itself overtime?

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I'm curious to understand how Athletica stays calibrated overtime. In fact:

  • I can undertand that at day 1 after I perform a 5K test run, you may be able to derive the fitness value from the results of the test
  • What is less clear is how are you able to determine my fatigue since you don't know in which state of fatigue I came into Athletica the first place. And I don't see how you could be able to get that from the test
  • Finally, assuming you have both values at a given time, then you just go from day N to day N+1 by adding the delta coming the data from day N. But nothing being perfect, you necessarily drift from the reality because of the cumulative error margin. So, is your only way to get back on track to hope that I do another 5k test soon enough 🙂

You can address my questions one by one or you can direct me to an article that would clarify it all for me.


Thank you!!!

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Hi Patrick,

Appreciate your curiosity and thoughts. I believe you are using the Garmin Connect system. When you onboard with Garmin, we upload back in time (currently 6 weeks, soon to be much much longer), and use a modified version of the Banister (1970) impulse response model (explained in depth here fyi) to estimate your fitness, fatigue and form (freshness). Every day you train, your plan is adjusted based on this model so that your fitness (and freshness) is optimized for your race day. You can find your status on your "Plan Overview".




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