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Is it possible re-analysis of the training plan is incorrectly including just-completed workouts?

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Is it possible re-analysis of the training plan is incorrectly including just-completed workouts?


I did a work this morning (Nov 16th) - a HIIT workout.  It was 5 x 1' of 30/30s, followed by 4 minutes of extra recovery before the cool down, all of which I executed fine.  Now (an hour or so later), I'm looking at the website and I see today's completed workout listed with compliance 'as planned', but the description of the workout no longer reflects what I did: it states "8x1' of 30/30s (2' extra recover after 8th repetition)". See attache3d screenshot, and if you're able to see the workout I actually did, you'll note that this was not it - even though the compliance is marked 'as planned'.

All I can think of is perhaps when the software was updating my training plan, perhaps today's already-completed workout was incorrectly recalculated as well?



nov 16th updated workout


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...if it would be helpful to have a 'before' view to confirm that this was not the workout showing yesterday, here is the contents of the Zwift workout file I exported the evening of November 15th when getting ready for this morning's workout. 


(I tried attaching the file, but .zwo files are not allowed. I manually added a backslash to break the URL, because it was affecting how the data is rendered on the screen.)


<name>Athletica - Short HIIT 30&quot;/30&quot; interval ride</name>
<description>Ideally perform this on your trainer, although outdoors works fine too.
Short interval HIIT is an effective means of enhancing your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and performance. The workout uses short bouts of work above your pVO2max, with passive relief periods, to enable recruitment of your larger fast twitch muscles, as well as stimulation of maximal cardiac output (your heart).
<tags><tag name="ATHLETICA"/></tags>
<Warmup Duration="960" PowerLow="0.4" PowerHigh="0.77" show_avg="1"/>
<IntervalsT Repeat="5" OnDuration="30" OffDuration="30" OnPower="1.36" OffPower="0.49" show_avg="1"/>
<SteadyState Duration="240" Power="0.67" show_avg="1"/>
<Cooldown Duration="960" PowerLow="0.77" PowerHigh="0.4" show_avg="1"/>

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Thank you for noting @remids. The answer relates to the following thread also. On your profile settings, please tick the box that tells Athletica not to modify today's sessions and that should solve the issue (I hope). Please let me know. 




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