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Suggestion on session sync for Garmin(repetition)

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I ran the MAF test recently. A portion of it is a sequence of 6 identical steps, one after the other. What surprised me a lot is that when I ran it, for each of the 6 segments, it was showing "1/1" instead of "1/6,2/6,3/6 etc." to give me a sense of where I am in the training. It looks to me as if it is because you are coding that section as 6 times the same step instead of coding a a repetition of 6 occurrences the same step.

Does that make sense?

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for noting this. We agree that really it should just be a single segment where you're asked to hold your MAF heart rate for the set duration, not presented as steps or phases. We're going to make changes for future users.

Thanks again,



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