Your customised training plan for TWO OCEANS

Whether you are competing in the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon or the Half Marathon, Athletica has a training plan tailored for YOU. Our programs are developed by world-leading coaches and sports scientists, giving you access to a combined 100+ years of knowledge and expertise packaged into the world’s most adaptive training plan — customized to your unique ability. Athletica’s built-in intelligence alongside our proprietary workout wizard, means ideal training session solutions are at your fingertips each and every day of your journey towards a personal best performance.

Athletica truly is the world’s most intelligent and adaptive training solution

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Steps to follow:
•Click on the race distance you are training for in the header above: Ultra Marathon or Half Marathon
•Fill in your details and register
•You will then be directed to the Athletica App
•In the Athletica App click on ‘Help & Education’ (left side bar)
•Select option 2 ‘Getting Started with Athletica’ which will take you through the required steps to link your Garmin &/or Strava account and set up your training program (choose 50km Ultra Run for 56km Ultra and Half Marathon Run for 21.1km)

Get Structure And Flexibility

We all know life gets in the way of the perfect plan. Athletica adaptive training plan automatically adjusts when sessions are missed, completed above or below the prescribed training and tailored to changes in your daily stress levels, enabling YOU to arrive on race day in the best possible shape

Coach In Your Pocket

Athletica assesses your current fitness level to prescribe a detailed individualized training plan for your Two Oceans event, including peaks for preparatory races along the way.

Backed By Science

Using your smart sensor, your plan is adjusted daily based on your training. The principles follow the HIIT Science guidelines using adaptive training intelligence.

Adjusts To Suit You

Athletica offers a personalized training plan that adapts to suit your fitness level, daily fatigue, and changing physiological status so that you stay on track.

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fit your training to your lifestyle,
not your life to your training

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