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Leveraging science-based principles with wearable technology, the Athletica platform takes the guesswork out of endurance training, allowing athletes and coaches to train smarter, not harder.

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Get Structure And Flexibility

Athletica is a premium coaching platform that adapts to your current sport, fitness levels, goals, training sessions and life, allowing you to reach new levels of health and performance you never thought possible – all at an affordable price of $20/month.

Connects with:

backed by science.

driven by passion.

adapted for you.

“If its rooted in great human relationships, on-the-ground everyday decision making, backed by the best physiological prescriptive science, then that’s about as good as it can get.”

Alistair Brownlee
2x Olympic Triathlon gold medalist
2x Triathlon World Champion
2x World Team Champion
4x European Champion

– photo of Alistair Brownlee: credit,  Talbot Cox.

What our athletes are saying

Love this! I’m really enjoying the training program and having an adaptable plan.

- Anonymous

I’m most of the way through the test week and I’m blown away by how the platform works. It feels good to be back into structured training and I’m excited to see the plan (and my fitness!) evolve over the coming year

- David East

Love this feature brings a hole new element to AI. Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Richard Conway

I ran a hilly half-marathon today. I did a PB (just under 1h25) 🙂 I ran by power btw, very convenient with the hills, the wind, etc. Last part of the race by feel 😀 Very good sensations! My first 2 weeks of training with Athletica were great!

- Marco

plans for coaches and athletes

Athlete Membership

For $20/month you get:

  • Periodized expert plans up to 7 months in the future
  • Automated training zone calculation
  • Individualized training catered to your ability
  • Daily dynamic training load adjustments
  • Moveable sessions in accordance with your context
  • Multiple training session options

Coach Membership

For $50/month, Athletica is your assistant coach, enabling:

  • Periodized athlete programming up to 7 months in the future
  • Automated athlete zone calculation
  • Individualized athlete training catered to ability
  • Daily dynamic training load adjustments
  • Training drill library for key session variety (Coming Soon)
  • Analysis and communication portal

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Ambassadors Coming Soon

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