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Experts concur that consistency in training is the key to exceptional results. This philosophy guides Athletica in leveraging wearable technology to offer a dynamically adjustable AI fitness coaching plan tailored for diverse races. Our goal is to empower you to attain unparalleled fitness and performance levels.

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You need a quality training plan

Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast or an elite athlete, elevating your performance requires a sophisticated plan. High-quality coaching usually comes at a premium, but Athletica offers expert guidance without the hefty price tag.

Leverage Athletica’s Workout Wizard

Building on past sessions, Athletica’s advanced load optimizer combined with the unique Workout Wizard ensures that you and your athletes always get the optimal training session. Precision and consistency at your fingertips!

Affordable Premium Coaching Plans

Immerse yourself in Athletica’s premium AI fitness coaching. Seamlessly adapting to your sport, current fitness level, aspirations, and lifestyle, we’re committed to propelling you to heights of health and performance previously deemed unattainable – all for just $20/month (and the first 2 weeks free!).

AI-training, coach-enhanced

Discover the perfect blend of technology and humanity with Coach Connect, where Athletica’s AI-driven training plans meet the empathetic oversight of our certified coaches. Get the best of both worlds: the precision of data-driven workouts finely tuned by artificial intelligence, coupled with the emotional intelligence, personalized communication, and expert guidance of a dedicated human coach.

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Athletica works best when athletes connect their workout data via Garmin or Strava

What Athletes Are Saying

I took 45 minutes off my marathon time!

I have been working with AthleticaAI and my fantastic coach, Marjaana, for the last year. In that time I have set huge personal records, most recently I ran a 3:18 marathon – a 45 minute PR from my previous record just a year and half ago!

~ Katie Pintar

Made new breakthroughs and personal bests in all 3 disciplines!

I’ve been training and doing Ironman races for the past 5 years and planning training for 3 different sports at the same time isn’t easy. Last year I used Athletica and made new breakthroughs and personal bests in all 3 disciplines. Athletica makes training easy and effective and takes the thinking and guesswork out of the equation so you can focus on the important stuff. So thanks for the great work and providing us with an amazing tool!

~ Michael Gaille

Team work makes the dream work! I am super stoked and honored to be part of the Athletica team.

Athletica is a bridge between sports science and practice, using HIIT science principles and intellectual technology to allow athletes reach their absolute best on the race day.

I started using Athletica already last year, but was still deep in the depths of overtraining. In June, I was told by my doc that I needed a long detraining period. That turned out to last for 6 months. In November I returned to triathlon training, started using Athletica with the guidance of their founder and CEO Paul Laursen, PhD, sports scientist, coach and all around amazing human.

What is mind blowing is that half a year ago my heart rate wanted to jump to 150 running slow at 6:15-6:30 pace and one year ago I was barely jogging at 6:45-7min/pace with an HR of 150+ and massive headaches after. Now: strutting 4:45 -4:50min/km with stable 148-152 bpm feeling strong.

~ Marjaana Rakai

I love that every session has a specific purpose and know that I'm not spending unecessary time away from my little guy.

When I first started working with Athletica, I was a brand new Mom and I wanted not only to get back to training and racing but to improve upon where I left off.

The work smarter, not harder approach meshed well with striving to maintain balance between my triathlon goals and family life.

I love that every session has a specific purpose and know I’m not spending unnecessary time away from my little guy. Following this program, just 9 months after giving birth, I raced a PB at Ironman Arizona and qualified for Kona. Thanks Athletica!

1st Amateur Ironman Arizona | 7th overall

~ Nicole Walker

I won my age group and just snuck in as the series winner

I wanted to let you know I won my age group and just snuck in as the series winner of the sprint distance at the People’s Triathlon series in Auckland. I started out mid field or maybe top third a couple of years ago and have steadily improved, despite getting near the top end of the age bracket. So big thanks to Athletica and all the hard work on the system.

~ Vaughan Watkins

Athletica.ai training made it happen

I won my AG at Morro Bay 70.3, and I will race 70.3 WC in Lahti, Finland, my 4th 70.3 WC in a row, but it is the first time I won my AG in a 70.3. I just changed AG this year, and it helped, but Athletica.ai training made it happen.

~ Jerome Guionnet

Get Structure And Flexibility

Life’s unpredictability shouldn’t hinder your training journey. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or juggling weekend sessions, Athletica’s dynamic plans adjust to missed sessions, variations in training intensity, and even daily stress fluctuations.

Coach In Your Pocket

Let Athletica be the coach in your pocket! We evaluate your fitness landscape, carving out a detailed, event-specific training trajectory, ensuring you’re primed for every race.

Backed By Science

With smart sensors at its core, our AI triathlon, duathlon, running and cycling training models refine your daily plans. By adhering to the HIIT Science guidelines, Athletica embodies the essence of adaptive training intelligence.

Adjusts To Suit You

Athletica prides itself on crafting AI workout plans that mold around your sport, fitness progression, daily energy levels, and physiological shifts, ensuring you remain on course.

Membership Features

For $20.00/month you’ll get everything you need to perform at your best.

Bespoke Plan

Experience bespoke training tailored to your capacity and schedule. Our SmartCoach AI sketches out a robust plan, anticipating your training needs for up to 12 months ahead.


Training with Athletica means having a system that’s in tune with you. As you progress, we recalibrate, optimizing your training load to foster peak fitness gains.

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    Training plans for:

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    • Cyclocross
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    Helping You Train Smarter

    Athletica is intuitive and easy to use. The program seamlessly integrates with my training devices and computers and includes additional contextual information to provide a more complete picture of my training progress.

    Steve Ledger

    I am extremely happy with the improvements that I have seen in all three disciplines – I have never felt stronger and fitter than I am now!

    Each workout is described in detail with specific heart rate, pace and power guidelines and once I have completed a session, it is automatically uploaded from my Garmin device. It couldn’t be any easier!

    Cindy Maloney

    The designed plan allows you to concentrate on the workout to get the best out of yourself. I have seen personal improvement in all three phases of the sport while decreasing injuries using Athletica. Athletica does the thinking for you so you can focus on the day and perform your best

    Aaron Geiser

    I love Athletica and I compare it to the training that my coach gives me. The AI is excellent. I’ve referred him to the platform for coaches and I would love for him to try it out and join!

    Erika Szpektor

    fit your training to your lifestyle,
    not your life to your training

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