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I’m Coach Robbie Bruce of C26 Triathlon, I’m excited to talk about our recent partnership with Athletica. This partnership is more than just about integrating AI into our coaching methods; it’s about enhancing the personal connection that lies at the heart of our coaching philosophy.

Why Athletica?: Our path to this partnership began with a deep interest in the potential of AI and machine learning in enhancing coaching capabilities. Initially, another AI-based training platform approached us in late 2023, sparking our curiosity. After careful consideration and extensive research, we reached out to Athletica. What set Athletica apart was their perspective on AI: it’s not about the data taking center stage, but about providing context and understanding to the athlete and coach.

Athletica’s Philosophy: Data and Context in Harmony Athletica’s philosophy resonated with me deeply. As a coach who prioritizes the person before the athlete, I was refreshed to find a platform where the athlete’s context reigns supreme. It’s not just about data analysis or what the AI can program; it’s about how this information informs us as coaches, providing a richer, more comprehensive view of each athlete’s needs.

Coach Robbie working with a C26 athletes

Addressing the Fear of AI in Coaching Many coaches fear AI and machine learning, worried that their knowledge and skills might become obsolete. But the truth is, while AI can analyze and plan more efficiently, it lacks emotional intelligence (EI) – an irreplaceable human trait. This realization is a cornerstone of our partnership with Athletica. By combining AI’s analytical strength with a strong emphasis on EI, we’re crafting an ideal training environment.

Coaching is a lot like cooking. 9 different cooks with the intent of making the same dish can walk into the same grocery store and have access to all the same ingredients yet still present you 9 totally different tasting dishes. As coaches we have access to the same information but it is how we apply it, how we make the session, the week, the comment to the athlete, how we read the context, how we see and hear their stress, how we feel their excitement or fear, etc. So we adjust. Athletica can do the heavy lifting for me. It can go to the store, get all the ingredients I want, and even do meal prep for me. Then as the chef, or the coach, I just need to prepare the final workout and present the best dish or workout for that athlete on that day. If it usually took me 30 mins to build an athlete’s week before, it still takes 30 mins but now I can use more of those minutes on the person.

Athletica and Long-Term Athlete Development Athletica’s training principles, deeply rooted in sports science, align perfectly with our approach at C26. We focus on long-term success, steering clear of short-term fixes that lead to burnout or injury. Athletica’s principles reinforce our belief in sustainable, healthy athlete development.

Looking Forward with Athletica This partnership represents a new chapter in coaching, where the convergence of AI and EI is set to redefine training methodologies. It’s not just about adopting new technology; it’s about evolving our approach to ensure a holistic and person-centered coaching experience. We’re stepping into a future where technology enhances our ability to connect with and understand our athletes, promising exciting developments for our coaching methods and the overall athlete experience.

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