Katie demolished her previous PR by 17 minutes running into 1:33:09 at Grandma’s Half in June 2023. Photo credit: @katrinagaisford

Katie Pintar used to dread the very idea of running. The thought of it didn’t appeal to her at all. But a peculiar itch for challenge led her to lace up her running shoes and embark on a half marathon, curious to discover if running held any charm for her.

Little did she know that this decision would begin a transformative journey. Like a siren’s call, the allure of running pulled her in, immersing her in a community of like-minded individuals and fostering deep friendships that added equilibrium to her life.

Katie’s relationship with Athletica, now a year strong, has been nothing short of remarkable. The progress she’s made goes beyond numbers on a stopwatch. She shattered her personal best in the half marathon, shaving off an astounding 17 minutes. Her half-marathon stands now at 1:33:09, a testament to her dedication and the effectiveness of her training regimen. Not only has her speed soared, but the quality of her training has undergone a substantial evolution using Athletica.ai with her coach.

Residing in Minnesota, she seamlessly transitions from running in the warmer months to cross-country skiing when the winter blankets the landscape. When asked about her initiation into her current sports, Katie shared the following.

How did you start with your current sport?

I had just moved to Minneapolis and wanted to try a new hobby. I had always hated running, but I thought I would give it a solid try and train for a half marathon. If I didn’t like it after that, I would move on to other hobbies! Now, here I am an avid runner in the summer and XC skier in the winter (a whole different story) and I have found so much joy in running, in the training and racing, and especially the community it has brought me.

What habit or mindset change has been most beneficial to you as an athlete?

The most beneficial mindset change I’ve had is keeping easy runs easy, and not letting my pride get in the way of doing what I need to do for my body and for optimal training and recovery!

How do you balance work, family, and social life with your training?

I am lucky to have found communities that overlap with my training. I spend a lot of my social life running and skiing with friends and family which makes that aspect of my life easiest to manage. However, I have to be careful not to overdo it!

What are your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete?

One of my strengths as an athlete is going easy on easy days, and being cautious and tuned in to my body! My weakness as an athlete is nutrition – I have gotten a lot better, but getting enough food and the right foods has always been difficult for me.

Photo credit: @katrinagaisford

How has using Athletica improved your training?

I have seen huge improvements while using Athletica. The consistency and repetition of the workouts has clearly helped my running and xc skiing. It also gives me the flexibility to move workouts around to better fit in my life. I have seen huge PRs over the past year!

Share your most epic failure, funny story, or insane thing that has happened to you while in training or during a race that you have learned from or think about often.

I went into my second marathon with a poor training cycle and high expectations about my pace. The first 16 miles were going great, but then a combination of lack of prep, poor hydration/nutrition, and an ambitious pace left me feeling awful for the second half. It was all I could do not to quit and I had to walk every few minutes to keep from throwing up. I was so glad when I was done. Now, I am a lot more intentional about practicing my nutrition during training!!

Katie Pintar’s performance profile in Athletica leading up to the Indianapolis Marathon. Source: Katie Pintar

Katie is currently in the middle of a training block for her next challenge, the Indianapolis Marathon in October! Keep your eyes peeled for an update at the end of October.

On behalf of the entire Athletica team, we wish Katie a successful training and a fun experience at the Indianapolis Marathon! 


About the Author:

Marjaana Rakai is a passionate triathlon enthusiast, Athletica Ambassador and a dedicated follower of inspiring athletes. As a writer, she finds joy in telling stories that inspire others to chase their dreams and push their limits in the world of endurance sports.

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