Supercharge your service with Athletica’s AI endurance training API

Athletica has spent a decade in the development of its AI training technology using leading-edge sports science, and now we’re excited to announce the launch of our third-party API, “powered by Athletica”. This unique, versatile API will empower third-party developers and products to harness the full potential of Athletica’s cutting-edge AI training platform, creating innovative and personalized fitness solutions for athletes worldwide.

Our API includes:

    • adaptive calendar-based training plans for triathlon, running and cycling
    • integration and automatic syncing with popular training data platforms like Garmin and Strava
    • dynamic training plan updates and optimization for training or race goals

Key Features and Endpoints:

User Authentication
Our API ensures a secure user experience by implementing a robust authentication process. Developers can easily integrate the user authentication feature, providing a seamless and safe environment for athletes to access their data.

Garmin/Strava Account Authentication
By supporting Garmin and Strava account authentication, our API empowers developers to create applications that effortlessly sync with popular sports platforms. Athletes can conveniently access and analyze their data from multiple sources in one place.

Create, Update and Delete Athletes
Our API allows developers to create, update, and delete athlete profiles with ease. This flexibility ensures that athletes’ information remains accurate and up-to-date, optimizing their training experiences.

Create and Update Training Plans
Our API enables developers to create and update personalized training plans tailored to individual athletes’ goals and fitness levels. By leveraging Athletica’s advanced AI algorithms, users can enjoy bespoke training programs that drive performance improvement.

Receive Session Data for Athletes
Our API will send data to an endpoint of your choosing for all sessions that your athletes complete. Facilitating the integration of real-time performance metrics into your application. This feature enables athletes and coaches to access crucial data promptly and make informed decisions.

Performance Management
Our API will give you the relevant series data required to build and display your own Performance Management Chart unique to each athlete. This data can be used to track an athlete’s fitness, form and fatigue throughout their training life-cycle.

Powered by Athletica

Unlock the future of sports performance technology with Athletica’s powerful API. Elevate your product by integrating our advanced AI-driven platform and experience the difference that personalized, data-driven training can make. Join the revolution – “powered by Athletica.”

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