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In the third episode of the “Athletes Compass Podcast,” the hosts explore the definition and challenges of being an “everyday athlete,” contrasting them with elite athletes and emphasizing a smarter training approach rather than a harder one. The discussion revolves around balancing training, recovery, and daily life commitments, the significance of health-focused practices like sleep...
This episode challenges the “no pain, no gain” fitness mantra, emphasizing the risks of overtraining and the importance of a balanced approach to physical training. Hosts Marjaana Rakai and Paul Laursen share personal experiences of how pushing too hard led to overtraining, highlighting symptoms like fatigue, health issues, and reduced motivation. The discussion stresses the...
Hosts Marjaana Rakai and Paul Warloski, joined by Professor Paul Laursen, discuss the multifaceted journey of endurance sports from the viewpoint of everyday athletes. They share personal narratives, with Marjaana detailing her transition from Olympic hopeful to enthusiastic triathlete and Paul recounting his shift from a results-centric approach to enjoying the training process, despite health...

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