Female Athlete Mystery: should she train with respect to her menstrual cycle?

The effect of the menstrual cycle on female athletes’ performance and training response is still unknown. Conversely, the effect of training load on menstrual cycle dynamics remains elusive. Athletica pairs up with Mira and HRV4Training to conduct in-field research to resolve the relationships between the menstrual cycle and endurance training.

Solutions to the programming puzzle require navigating context. Athletica launches => the Workout Wizard

One of the key training philosophies we embrace at HIIT Science is the simple saying “context over content”.   You as an athlete know your context best. You know your situation.  Even though a session sits in front of you in the plan, that session might...

Athlete phenotyping is the blueprint for training load individualisation (Part 1) – the convoluted science of the Anaerobic Speed/Power Reserve

New year, new me – Athletica introduces new athlete profiling features   In our most recent blog, we discussed the scientific rationale behind power profiling in cycling. In case you haven’t read it yet, we strongly encourage you to go back to check it...

From Overtraining to World Championships

This is a story of Marjaana Rakai, a wife, mom, coach and an age-group triathlete. With a background in cross-country skiing, she discovered long-distance triathlon in 2015 and wanted to find out how good she could get. While still on that journey, her focus has...

New Release: Garmin Push Feature

New Release: Garmin Push Feature Our latest software release includes the ability to push Athletica training session files to your Garmin device via Garmin Connect for clear session guidance by your device wherever you are training. Importantly, once you sync (either...


I think I’ve heard it said that coaching an endurance athlete involves part science, part art. It’s a sentiment I broadly agree with and, for me, roughly translates to getting the athlete to do the activity that will help them most on a given day.

Athletica, is hiring a Data Engineer

Have you ever wondered how technology can help athletes? In this position, your job will be to take part in the development of data science- and machine learning-based softwares which will help athletes by providing an adaptive coaching plan that adapts to the...

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