Balancing Intensity: The Science Behind the 80-20 Training Principle

In this episode of the Athletes Compass podcast, hosts Paul Warloski, Marjaana Rakai, and Dr. Paul Laursen dive into the 80-20 training model, a popular method for organizing training time among endurance athletes. They explore the origins of the model, its... Unpacked: Your Training Questions Answered

Summary:Dive deep into the functionality and training philosophy of the Athletica training platform in this engaging episode of the Athletes’ Compass Podcast. Hosts Paul Laursen, Paul Warloski and Marjaana Rakai tackle a range of listener questions, shedding...

Thresholds Decoded: Maximizing Your Training Efficiency

In episode 11 of the Athletes Compass, hosts Paul Warloski, Marjaana Rakai, and expert Dr. Paul Laursen explore the concept of training thresholds and their significance in setting effective training zones for athletes. They delve into the physiological underpinnings...

Measuring Success: Navigating Your Path to Athletic Progress

Summary:This episode of the Athletes Compass podcast features hosts Paul Warloski and guests Marjaana Rakai and Dr. Paul Laursen discussing how athletes can measure their training progress without participating in races. The conversation revolves around various...

Endurance Aftermath: Decoding the Body’s Response to Intense Exercise

In Episode 9 of the Athletes Compass podcast, hosts Paul Warloski and Marjaana Rakai, along with Dr. Paul Laursen, discuss the short-term and potential long-term effects of extreme endurance events on the body, addressing a question from listener Janice Campbell. The...

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